Gourmet Pizzeria

We use one of the best Italian mixtures of flour (GMO-free): bio soybean, wheat, flour. Our pizza dough rise for 72 hours.All pizza and topping are prepared a la minute to avoid any loss of taste or freshness, this takes time (30/60). If you can't wait, you can order your pizza before coming, select from the menu "Order online" and select "Eat without waiting"

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Gluten-free pizza available now every dayPizza of the month from 04.11.2016: PORCINI E SALSICCIAPizza of the month from 30.06.2016: SOLSTITIUMPizza of the month from 21.04.2016: ASPARAGIPizza of the month from 13.02.2016: FEB29Pizza of the month from 01.12.2015: SALMONE & SPINACI PizzaPizza of the month from 27.10.2015: BROCCO'S PizzaPizza of the month from 01.09.2015: TOTALLY BAMBOO PizzaPizza of the month from 10.06.2015: CARPE DIEM PizzaPizza of the month from 10.03.2015: Miss SPICY Pizza (very spicy!)Pizza of the month from 10.03.2015: ME & YOU Pizza (double taste!)What is the origin of Pizza? What does


We are especially grateful as we are receiving this rewards due to our customers, who took the time to write such kind reviews. To each and every one of you, a huge thank you from the whole team at Pinsa's.


IENS Topper



Master Pizza France

10° in the selection for the final 2012



2014 Certificate of Excellence


World Pizza Championship

24° in the World 2012
11° in the World 2013
1° Italian Pizzeria in Nederland 2012
1° Italian Pizzeria in Nederland 2013
1° Italian Pizzeria in Nederland 2014

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Amsterdam - 1013TJ
Spaarndammerstraat 772

Tel +31 020 386 8680
To book a table, please click the button "RESERVE YOUR TABLE"

-- on Sundays we are closed --

Public transport: Bus 22, 48 and 353. Tram 3, Haarlemmerplein stop and take bus 22