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Pick-up Service & Eat without waiting

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Pinsa's launched a new service: Pick-up Service & Eat without waiting

We offer an exclusive product, the gourmet pizza. Unfortunately take time to produce it. For this reason we have launched a new service for our customers.

Takeaway and eat in our restaurant

We know many of you hate to wait for Takeaway, now you can order your pizza online and then Pick-up* when it’s done. Or you can decide order your pizza online and you can eat when you come, without waiting.

How do I place an order with Pinsa's?

Its simple.

1. Just choose your pizzas here or select ORDER ONLINE.

2. After, choose “Pick-up” if you want to pick up your pizza later in our restaurant or choose "Eat in our restaurant" if you want eat in our place.

3. Wait for confirmation e-mail in your mail box or by your mobile number.

4. Order 24 hours in advance for big order if you order more than 8 pizzas (choose “Pick-up” or "Eat in our restaurant"). Order 1 hours in advance if you order less than 8 pizzas (choose “Pick-up” or "Eat in our restaurant").

5. If you order more than 12 pizzas you have to pay in advance by Bank (choose "Payment Methods" and "Bank transfer" - choose “Pick-up” or "Eat in our restaurant").

*(Please note that in order to preserve the quality of your order, it will not be packed until you arrive at our Restaurant)

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