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PINSA'S is a project that was developed by a mother and her son. They both studied at the same professional-level school in Rome and earned professional pizza-making certificates. The mother later specialized in confectionery and ice cream making, while her son chose to leave his profession as a lawyer cultivating his culinary passion and specializing in haute cuisine. His studies were adapted and applied to pizza-making further exalting this element, which is already rich in history and appeal. This new aspect will provide a pleasant surprise for many. At our locale, it will be possible to taste traditional pizza with special pairings or even dessert pizzas offering new sensations.

Our business does not stop here. This establishment is also a professional pizza-making school (recommended for restaurateurs and new business owners), where pizza-making will be taught with traditional and innovative methods. There will also be amateur courses where it will be possible to watch as pizza and homemade pasta are prepared. PINSA'S constantly searches out harmony, quality and balance for a style that is simple yet always refined. (info our cooking school)


1. Our pizza flour

It's special mixture of wheat, soy and rice flours, which we import direct from Rome, makes our pizza exceptionally crispy. This flour costs FIVE times more than the normal flour (that everyone uses).

2. Our pizza technique

At Pinsa's Restaurant we study the science of making the perfect pizza. A Pizza must have a solid foundation. We make our own dough daily, in small batches to ensure freshness. We have to plan ahead because we let our dough rise (72 hours). We use a high percentage of water and a small quantity of yeast in the pizza dough, and allow it to rest and rise for an extended period (72 hours), this technique also allows the dough to stay light and have a highly digestible quality.

3. Our pizza dough

The airiness of our pizza comes from a special, natural technique, yielding a high percentage of protein and very little sugar. That’s why our pizza can be considered healthy. We have created a dough that is incredibly light and very easy to digest. Combining this knowledge with the passion for the Italian gourmet brings us the high quality product that Pinsa's has got to offer.

4. What is so special our gourmet pizza?

Gourmet pizza was conceived with the belief that less is better. Only by using the finest quality ingredients and one or two toppings, can a pizza acquire the status of a gourmet pizza. The difference in a standard pizza and a gourmet pizza will be proven with each bite.


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